English Garden and Central Pavilion

Access to this area is through the gate of the farmyard, at the far left, and then through the one next to the icehouse that extends it. This leads to an English landscape garden, redesigned in the early 20th century at the location of the one established in the mid-19th century. In the background, a hedge marks the location of the former railing of the terrace overlooking the Vienne. The terrace has evolved significantly since its creation in the 17th century. The plane trees in the front, nourished by the waters of the river, have an impressive size and scale.

The central pavilion on this side features a beautiful projecting central section with cut corners following the tradition of the 18th century. It is adorned with rocaille clasps and consoles on the ground floor, winding keys on the upper floor, and projecting keys on the sides, in accordance with what was done on the courtyard. It is crowned with a pediment featuring Victory with trophies and a lion crowning the coat of arms of the Argenson family. One will admire the fine quality of the wrought ironwork on the balcony and side windows, reminiscent of those from the 17th century. The projecting section houses the grand salons on the ground floor and the first floor. At the back of the garden, a gate provides access to the church and the central square of Les Ormes.