The Herbarium of Les Ormes

Discovered in 2001 on the first floor of the Argenson wing in a 12m2 room facing south for better preservation, the herbarium was compiled by Marquis Marc-René-Marie d’Argenson starting in 1804, the date of the oldest sheet. It comprises over 3,000 specimens, preserved in their bluish paper with a handwritten note of the Latin name by the Marquis. The note has sometimes been replaced by a printed label with the name and origin of the plant. Initially begun with plants from the fields of the region, the herbarium gradually enriched itself with specimens from various origins (France and abroad).

A binding process of the sheets was initiated by the current owner. 85 volumes were created, with 60 sheets per volume, making this herbarium one of the most significant in France. The classification desired by the Marquis has been rigorously respected. This initiative was rewarded with the « Hubert Heilbronn and His Children 2003 » award from La Demeure Historique.