Grand Vestibule

The Grand Vestibule welcomes you into the interiors of the castle, featuring an immense space measuring 23m in length, 6m in width, and nearly 6m in height. Together with the lateral galleries, which are 5m high, it forms a grand ensemble stretching 54m in total length. The space is illuminated by the three French doors of the central pavilion, the four lateral windows, and those in the adjacent galleries facing the courtyard. Architect Coulomb enhanced its spectacular appearance by placing the grand staircase with an intermediate landing on the right side, along with its beautiful wrought-iron railing leading to the first floor.

The vastness and majesty of the volumes are characteristic of Coulomb’s architectural style, aligning with the tastes for opulence and grandeur of the Belle Époque era. This luminous vestibule provides access to the dining room and three salons, with the largest one situated in the center, following the tradition of the 18th century.